Bible Quiz – Part 1 (The Gospel of Matthew)

In an attempt to learn the Bible, I am going to start a series of Question & Answers in the form of a Quiz beginning with the Gospel of Matthew. Today, we will cover the Gospel of Matthew from Chapters 1-5 (The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version). God bless you all!

Answers are given at the end.

  1. Who was the father of Joseph the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary?
    a. David
    b. Josiah
    c. Jacob
    d. Abraham
  2. What does “Emmanuel” mean?
    a. God is love.
    b. God with us.
    c. God will save us.
    d. Peace be with us.
  3. Where was Jesus born?
    a. Jerusalem
    b. Capernaum
    c. Nazareth
    d. Bethlehem
  4. What did the wise men from the East gift Baby Jesus?
    a. Gold, Silver & Roses
    b. Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
    c. Candles, Gold, Wax
    d. Robes, Diamond, Myrrh
  5. After having a vision from the Angel, where did Joseph flee with the child Jesus & his mother?
    a. Egypt
    b. Judea
    c. Jordan
    d. Capernaum
  6. What did Herod do when he saw that the wise men had tricked him?
    a. He killed the wise men.
    b. He killed all children in and around Bethlehem who were two years old or under.
    c. He killed all infants in Israel.
    d. He went to Egypt to find the child Jesus.
  7. After Herod’s death, in which town did Joseph make his home after returning from Egypt?
    a. Bethlehem
    b. Jerusalem
    c. Nazareth
    d. Judea
  8. What was John the Baptist’s food when he lived in the wilderness?
    a. Bees & Honey
    b. Fruits & Wild Honey
    c. Dates & Honey
    d. Locusts & Wild Honey
  9. Where did John the Baptist baptize the people?
    a. River Tiber
    b. Sea of Galilee
    c. Dead Sea
    d. River Jordan
  10. John the Baptist said to the people that Jesus will baptize you with the _________ and __________.
    a. Holy Spirit and fire
    b. Fire & Water
    c. Holy Spirit & Water
    d. Oil & Water
  11. When Jesus was baptized at the Jordan, the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a _________.
    a. Fire
    b. Cross
    c. Wind
    d. Dove
  12. For how many days did Jesus fast in the wilderness?
    a. Fifty days
    b. Forty days
    c. Forty days & Forty nights
    d. Forty Five days
  13. After John the Baptist had been arrested, Jesus left Nazareth and made his home in __________.
    a. Bethlehem
    b. Jerusalem
    c. Capernaum
    d. Samaria
  14. Who was Simon Peter’s brother?
    a. Andrew
    b. John
    c. James
    d. Matthew
  15. Who were the sons of Zebedee?
    a. Simon & Andrew
    b. Peter & James
    c. James & John
    d. John & Philip
  16. “Blessed are the ________, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
    a. Meek
    b. Merciful
    c. Pure in heart
    d. Poor in Spirit
  17. “Blessed are the _________, for they will inherit the earth.”
    a. Meek
    b. Merciful
    c. Peacemakers
    d. Pure in heart
  18. “Blessed are the _________, for they will see God.”
    a. Kind in heart
    b. Righteous
    c. Peacemakers
    d. Pure in heart
  19. “Blessed are the ________, for they will be called children of God.”
    a. Righteous
    b. Kind in heart
    c. Peacemakers
    d. Merciful
  20. “Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the __________, or by the earth, for it is his footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King.”
    a. Throne of God.
    b. Crown of God.
    c. City of God.
    d. House of God.
  21. You are the _______ of the earth and _______ of the world.
    a. Salt & Light
    b. People & Rulers
    c. Hope & Treasure
    d. Lamp & Light
  22. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to _______.”
    a. Establish
    b. Judge
    c. Fulfill
    d. Continue
  23. “Let what you say simply be ‘____’ or ‘______’; anything more than this comes from the Evil One.”
    a. True & False
    b. Yes & No
    c. Right & Wrong
    d. Correct & Incorrect
  24. “Love your __________ and pray for those who persecute you.”
    a. Neighbors
    b. Enemies
    c. Friends
    d. Parents
  25. “Be _________, therefore, as your heavenly Father is _________.”
    a. Good
    b. Honest
    c. Perfect
    d. Loving


  1. c. Jacob (Matt 1:16)
  2. b. God with us. (Matt 1:23)
  3. d. Bethlehem (Matt 2:1)
  4. b. Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh (Matt 2:11)
  5. a. Egypt (Matt 2:13-14)
  6. b. He killed all male children in and around Bethlehem who were two years old or under. (Matt 2:16)
  7. c. Nazareth (Matt 2:23)
  8. d. Locusts & Wild Honey (Matt 3:4)
  9. d. River Jordan (Matt 3:6)
  10. a. Holy Spirit and fire (Matt 3:11)
  11. d. Dove (Matt 3:16)
  12. c. Forty days & Forty nights (Matt 4: 2)
  13. c. Capernaum (Matt 4:13)
  14. a. Andrew (Matt 4:18)
  15. c. James & John (Matt 4:20)
  16. d. Poor in Spirit (Matt 5: 3)
  17. a. Meek (Matt 5: 5)
  18. d. Pure in heart (Matt 5:8)
  19. c. Peacemakers (Matt 5: 9)
  20. a. Throne of God. (Matt 5: 34)
  21. a. Salt & Light (Matt 5:13-14)
  22. c. Fulfill (Matt 5: 17)
  23. b. Yes & No (Matt 5: 37)
  24. b. Enemies (Matt 5:44)
  25. c. Perfect (Matt 5: 48)
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10 thoughts on “Bible Quiz – Part 1 (The Gospel of Matthew)

  1. Really a very good web site. Helps us to train children for Bible quiz.
    Wish there could be more questions and answers.
    May God bless you all who worked behind this.

  2. I loved to learn new things from the Bible. As I was getting ready for a quiz competition this site helped me know more about our loving and living God

  3. i really am thankful for these questions for Mathew. This is what my Wednesday night class are ready. Thank you, such a blessing.

  4. The questions are very informative and helps us to prepare for the bible quiz which will be held today evening at our church in connection with part of parish feast.

  5. Thank you for these Bible Quiz. I deeply appreciate your hard labour and making it easy for people like me who are less fortunate in wisdom.

    God bless

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