Prayer before reading the Holy Bible

It is good to read a few verses from the Bible daily. Before reading the Bible, we need to pray for the blessings of the Holy Spirit so that we may comprehend the Word of God fully. The Word of God is so powerful as to remove all darkness and bondages from our lives. We need to believe firmly in the Word of God so that our lives may be transformed.

Father, anoint me with your Holy Spirit, so that as I read your eternal word, your word may penetrate my whole being and transform me. Grant me the blessing to be a faithful disciple in believing the Word of God and that I may be a light shining upon all who are in darkness. Amen

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2 thoughts on “Prayer before reading the Holy Bible

  1. Many people are not aware of being anointed by God our heavenly Father, through this Prayer before reading the bible. It is so consoling and enlightens our human spirit to get really more closer to God. We can also feel the transformation taking place in us, we feel so light and I experience inward peace and happiness. Thank God and Thanks to the Person Who has made this possible. Thanks once again.

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