Prayer for Inner Healing

Here is a very powerful prayer for Inner Healing. All of us have lot of negative experiences submerged in our unconscious mind. Only the Lord Almighty can free us from all those experiences. While you say this prayer, close your eyes and surrender to Lord all experiences you want to forget. The Almighty Lord will cleanse our thoughts with his precious blood and give us a new life.

Jesus, my healer and my Savior, I invite you to enter my heart and touch all those life experiences which need to be healed. Lord, you know me much better than I know myself. Lord, pour your love into my heart.

Jesus, come to the very moment  when I was conceived in my mother’s womb. It may have been a moment of anger, rejection, revenge or a state of animality. Cleanse me Lord with your precious blood and wipe away all negative experiences.

Lord, all through the nine months and nine days in my mother’s womb, whatever negative experiences have come to me from my mother and now remains in my unconscious mind, wash it away in your precious blood and heal me.

Praise you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Amen

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2 thoughts on “Prayer for Inner Healing

  1. I THINK THIS PRAYER HEALED MY INSIDE.I LOVE U JESUS. I always want your new life. You are my father;my brother and my lord. I want to be your true child. HEAVENLY FARTHER PLEASE CLEANSE MY MIND FROM ALL HARM FULL MEMORIES. I want your deep heeling during my pregnancy.

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