Prayer of Engaged Couples

All ‘Engaged Couples’ should ask God’s blessing at this important stage of their lives as they prepare themselves for their wedding, and pray that their love may grow in the light and strength of the love Christ has for his Church.

Father, in my heart love has come alive for a person you made, and whom you too know and love. It was you who brought me to meet her (him) and come to known her (him), as once, in paradise, you brought Adam and Eve together so that man should not remain alone. I thank you for this gift. It fills me with profound joy. It makes me like you, who are love itself and brings me to the understand the value of the life you have given me.

Help me not to squander the riches you have stored in my heart. Teach me that love is a gift that must not be suffocated by selfishness; that love is pure and strong and must not be soiled or corrupted; that love is fruitful and should, beginning now, open up a new life for myself and the person who has chosen me.

Loving Father, I pray for the person who is  thinking of me and waiting for me, and who has placed in me complete trust for the future. I pray for this person who will walk along the path of life with me. Help us to be worthy of one another and to be an encouragement and example to one another. Help us to prepare for marriage, for its grandeur and for its responsibilities, so that love which fulls us body and spirit may rule our lives forevermore, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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