Popular Malayalam Devotional Songs

Here is a collection of Popular Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs. May all of you continue to be blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ !

Kaaval Maalakhamaare

Kunju Manasin Nombarangal


Onnu Vilichal

Daiva Sneham Varnicheedan

Israelyelin Naadhanaayi

Thirunaama Keerthanam


Daivathe Marannu Kunje

Paithalaam Yeshuve

Yeshuve Nee Enikayi

En Priyane Yeshuve

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21 thoughts on “Popular Malayalam Devotional Songs

  1. It seems that you are maintaining a steady blogging pace. Well done! Looking for more updates from your end. Thanks a lot!

    Thank you for the appreciation. Please keep praying!

  2. Nice to see many malayalam prayers & songs.
    It requires a tremendous effort to maintain this good pace.
    May He strengthen you all!

  3. Hi Iam a new visitor. you have added nice songs. would you able to help me with songs and karoake for my kids to sing please. 1) kshamikkuvanavaatha nimishangale…. 2) Arhikkathathu nalki nee enne…… 3)mrethuvaayi nee thodukil…… I hope you will be able to help me. Thank you

  4. I am a new visitor. Very happy to see this site. songs are very beautiful. You deserve appreciation from God.Very good attempt.

  5. Very good songs. Keep up the good work. May God bless you for this effort to preach God’s love through music.

  6. Hai,
    I happened to see this website only recently. Such nice songs. Please add more songs. May God bless you all.

  7. Very good songs. Please add more songs. May God bless your efforts. Let grace and peace of Lord Jesus be with you.

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