Prayer for the Healing of Your Spouse

Here is a prayer to Mother Mary seeking her intercession for the healing of one’s spouse from sickness. You need to devoutly pray for your spouse in his/her sickness. Praying for your husband/wife to our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest act of love.

Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, you live now in eternal unity with Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician. I confidently ask for your powerful intercession on behalf of my beloved spouse (mention name) who seeks to be restored to good health.

The years we have shared together, and the love we have known in our marriage, are precious and dear to me. At this time my heart breaks in my helplessness, but I believe that with the Lord all things are possible.

Mary, loving spouse of St. Joseph, comfort me in my fears and worries, and obtain blessings for my beloved spouse so that (name of spouse) may be quickly and completely restored to health. Amen.


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3 thoughts on “Prayer for the Healing of Your Spouse

  1. Please pray for my wife. She is suffering from difficulty in breathing, chest pain and dizziness. May God bless us

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