Prayer for those Seeking to Conceive a Child

Let us pray to our dear Heavenly Mother for all those who wish to be blessed with children in their lives. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly mother too. Who can understand us better than our Heavenly Mother.

Mother of Christ, you were graced by God with the privilege of bearing our Divine Savior. You experienced the joys and challenges of being a parent. Your life was blessed with seeing Jesus grow from infancy and childhood, into his adult years of teaching a ministry. With St. Joseph, you created a home for your family to love and share together.

Please intercede before the God of all life, that (here mention names) may conceive a baby and raise healthy children, with whom they can share the Lord’s good gifts.

May their children honor them and You by lives of virtue and caring for others. May their home be holy and their family be blessed with health, happiness and abiding love. Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Prayer for those Seeking to Conceive a Child

  1. Please pray for me and my partner to be blessed with a child. We’ve been longing for 7 years now to have a child and we still have faith and believe in God that our wishes and prayers will be heard and granted. Thank you for your prayers and God bless us all.

  2. Please pray for me for a child i am 38 years old and i dont have children please pray for me that God may forgive all my sins and bless me with a healthy baby.

  3. Please pray for my husband and I we are struggling with infertility and in need of a prayer so we can conceive the children we desire, In your Holy name, Amen.

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