Prayer to Mother Mary

Gentle Mother of God, full of grace, the Door of Heaven that is always open, through you may the eyes of God rest upon us.

In your goodness, help the needy. To those who hesitate, to the little ones, grant your assistance. Comfort the weak, protect the poor, walk with the abandoned.

May the persecuted find in you consolation, and the persecutors, conversion and forgiveness. Have mercy on all prisoners; spare them of all despondency of soul and sadness of heart.

Pray for all people; intercede for the bishops and priests, and for all consecrated souls. May all those who celebrate your memory rejoice in receiving your assistance. Lend an attentive ear to the prayers of all those who beseech you, and grant them the favor they seek.

Support by your constant intercession the holy people of God. Consecrate them in unity and in truth.

May we finally experience, Blessed Mother, the joy which flows from you, who has chosen to bear the price of mankind, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and God forever. Amen. Alleluia.

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4 thoughts on “Prayer to Mother Mary

  1. Dear Jesus, I beg you to help me in my most important need; i.e my marriage with bins. Mother help my parents to understand and accept both of us and grant permission. I beg you to grant this Jesus, though Mother Mary and Joseph and all saints.

  2. Lord Jesus Christ bless my husband in his life, help him to get rid all his fear in life and face the world, help him to realize that he needs to work and to forget the past.

  3. Mother Mary, help my husband to be able to beat the illness he’s been suffering, let him live healthy for many years. I loved him so much Mother Mary and I needed him, take away his illnesses and pains, heal him Mother Mary. I love you, Mother Mary.

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