Petition to Our Lady

Here is a powerful petition prayer to Mother Mary, our heavenly Mother.

O most Holy Mary, virgin mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, queen of the universe, refuge of sinners, I greet you. Mine is the greeting of a servant who venerates you; it is even more; it is the greeting of your son/daughter who has learned to love you.

I thank you for all those, my parents and others, who told me about you and taught me to venerate you and to love you. Bless them for what they have done for me by giving you as my mother and my dearest friend.

With the confidence in you, which they have implanted in me by their example, I come to ask many blessings both for myself and for others. I ask…….. (Make your petitions hear. Take time over them. Do not be in a hurry. Avoid instant petitions. Speak to Mother Mary humbly as to your Heavenly Mother.)

Heavenly Mother, I know you will commend all my petitions to Jesus as you did at Cana. I am assured that Jesus at your request will do the best for me. He will even at your request go beyond my petition. But one more blessing I ask to give me is a heart like yours:

A heart full of love,
A heart that radiates goodwill,
A heart that is not hardened or embittered,
A heart that while living in the flesh is not ruled by the flesh,
A heart that forgets its wounds and reaches out in pardon,
A heart that has compassion and that never condemns,
A heart that is meek and humble like the heart of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.


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10 thoughts on “Petition to Our Lady

  1. Mama Mary thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have given me..the miracles u have performed for me..Mama i’m sorry when i forget u mama , i’m sorry when i doubt//pls increase my confidence mama..pls perform the miracles I request u for my life, thank u mama u have worked the impossible for me..pls mama hear me have mercy on me..I love you and feel at peace with u by my side.speak to ur son Jesus for me Mama..I love You..I need you…Bless my life Mama..Fill me with ur peace courage and self love Mama..Help me dear Mother of mine…You are the most holy queen of the universe..

  2. Oh holy queen thank u for everything. Pardon me when I doubt u.. u r most high… I need u.. Pls be with me for u r my strength.. n hope pls bless my life n my plans.. Pls work them for me mama.. Pls b with me and intercede for me.. I love u…

  3. Please pray for my brother, Nathan who is having extremely serious complications with his transplant recovery. He is currently on a ventilator and is battling a serious infection along with Graft Vs Host.

    Please pray that the virus is not in the lungs, the LDH reduces, Liver & Kidney functions improve, virus numbers in the blood go down, and reduction of the killing off of red blood cells.

    Please pray for strength, courage, healing, recovery, and his wife along with all the doctors and nurses.

  4. Please pray for me to overcome my depression and financial problems and rid me of drinking problems. Also pray I get a job soon. Mother Mary and Lord Jesus, hope you are listening.

  5. Dear Blessed Mother Mary, I know I’m not perfect but I try to be a good person. I have a tough situation that makes me cry a lot and I need your help in making things better. Please help me to deal with this situation, help me to believe that things will work out for me and that I will be happy with the man that I love. I will always be devoted to you and Jesus Christ. Thank you.

  6. Queen of graces, please look down on me and help me make ends meet. Help me make my just obligations in Jesus name. Queen of mercy, intercede for me as you are my dear mother. I have faith in you just as you told your son about the wine at the marriage of Cana. Jesus performed that miracle at your word. You asked Jesus and he manifested that miracle. Please do the same for me. “Blessed Be God Forever”

  7. Please my Mother pray for healing my son David. Jesus can heal David and I trust him.
    David is in coma now, the doctors said no hope, they don’t know that we have a kind, mighty, loving Lord who can heal even if its impossible for them.
    David used to tell me don’t worry mim, the healing is coming, Jesus will heal me.

    So i trust Jesus and i am waiting his hand, please ask Jesus to come and heal David.

  8. Please Mother Mary pray for my family’s financial situation. I know that our heavenly Father will bring us through these hard times. We have sickness, government debts, unemployment, that are all effecting our lives, sometimes we struggle just to eat. Everyone in my family has someone or a company that owes us money, but so far we are not receiving it. Please pray for us to our heavenly Father that this money is released to us. Our Lord knows our situation, we are in great need, Mother Mary with your prayer on our behalf I know that the Lord will deliver us from these trying times.

  9. Mother Mary I come in need of desperate help from you as I am facing with financial problem. I need your prayers and help to ask Jesus your beloved Son to forgive my sins and save me from this hour of financial stress. I can not overcome this huge problem without your help and also Jesus blessing. In order to overcome this issue I can only request miracles to take places as I see no way. Therefore I surrender this into your hands my mother and please offer this to Jesus during your prayers. Mother Mary please do help me to overcome my financial shortage just like what happened in the wedding in Cana. I do acknowledge that you have rescued me once before in this situation last year July 13th 21012 and now again I need your help desperately. I beg of your intercession and help fast. Amen and Mother Mary I know your love for me will not be change.

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