Prayer For Babies in Their Mother’s Womb

Here is a wonderful prayer for all babies who are conceived and in their mother’s womb. This powerful prayer will protect the baby all through the nine months in the mother’s womb.

O God of all creation,
Nurture and protect tiny children and keep them safe in the sanctuary of their mother’s womb.
As You so wondrously form their hearts and minds and lungs and souls, so strengthen our will to lovingly nurture and protect them.
Give us the eyes to see them as our brothers and sisters, the minds to welcome them as our own, and the faith to defend them as Your children.
We ask this through the intercession of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and the mother of all the little ones, through Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen.

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20 thoughts on “Prayer For Babies in Their Mother’s Womb

  1. Lord, please bless my baby, may the baby grow and have a heartbeat. Bless me with a beautiful healthy baby. Thank you

  2. Lord bless my baby, may my baby have a heart beat and grow safe and strong. Please let this blessing bring me joy. Watch over my baby my dear lord.

  3. Dear God, please bless my little son. My screening came back positive for Trisomy 13, having further testing done in one week. Please let my baby be healthy.

    Thank You Father!

  4. God, please help and protect me and my child in my womb from any danger. Please let my child be healthy until the day he or she will be born. Thank You

  5. A pray to our blessed mother Mary and to St Philomena that baby Aidan’s tumour will be healed.

    Thank you

  6. Lord please allow my husband and I to finally be parents . Please protect the baby in my womb. Please help it to grow into a healthy, happy baby.

  7. Lord thanks a lot for making me and my husband to be parents after a long time of waiting. Please pray for baby in my womb so that the baby grow healthy and strong. Amen.

  8. Lord please keep the baby in my daughter-in-law’s womb healthy. I pray my son and his wife’s child be born without problems. Amen

  9. Lord forgive me for all my sins. Please bless my baby, may my baby have a heartbeat and grow healthy and strong. Watch over my baby dear Lord. Please let this blessing bring us joy. In Your name. Amen.

  10. Father, please protect the babies in my daughter’s womb; allow them to grow into healthy newborns. She and her husband have been through so much– allow them the joy of 2 healthy babies.

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