Prayer for Detachment From Earthly Goods

How often are our hearts attached to earthly things and goods. Worldly pleasures lure us and we forget that we are not made for this world but for Heaven. Through all created things, we are meant to glorify the Supreme Creator, our God. Let not our hearts worry about earthly possessions and wealth as all these are transitory.

O Jesus, Who didst choose a life of poverty and obscurity, grant me that grace to keep my heart detached from the transitory things of the world. Be Thou henceforth my only treasure, for Thou art infinitely more precious than all other possessions. My heart is too solicitous for the vain and fleeting things of the earth. Make me always mindful of Thy warning words: “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul?”. Grant me the grace to keep Thy holy example always before my eyes, that I may despise the nothingness of this world and make thee the object of all my desires and affections. Amen.

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