Prayer for your Spouse or Life Partner

Lord, bless this dear person whom you have chosen to be my spouse. May his/her life be long and blessed. May I also become a great blessing to him/her, a sharer in all his/her sufferings and sorrows.

Make me lovable forever in his/her eyes and forever dear to him/her. Keep me from all unreasonableness of passion and humour. Make me humble and giving, strong, dedicated, appreciative, prudent, and understanding. May we ever take delight in each other, according to your Blessed Word, both sharing in your divine love. Amen

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14 thoughts on “Prayer for your Spouse or Life Partner

  1. please pray for me for a life partner with the heart of Jesus for i am 25 years without anybody in my life and for breakthrough in my life.
    hoping to hear a reply from you.

    Hi Nives,
    The Lord will definitely bless you with a perfect life partner. Do not be disheartened. Please trust in the Lord and recite the rosary whenever possible. Nothing is impossible through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother. I will continue praying for you.
    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God.” John 14:1

  2. Please Pray for me that God sends me a wife ..for the remaining days of this year…a woman to spend the rest of my life with..and grow in love and faith..for the service of God.


    Our Lord Jesus Christ has promised us:
    “If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.” John 14:14
    Surrender all you prayers to God with complete faith. Allow him to work his will in your life.
    God bless you!

    Lots of Prayers

  3. Please Pray for my soul-mate to come into my life and love me always and never leave me that we weather all storms together and rejoice in the good. Praise Jesus and God Bless

  4. Dear Lord,
    I pray that this year I will be able to meet the man you reserved for me. Give him strength and courage to tell me what he feels for me. May he be the one that I deserve, someone I can call my own heavenly sent. Someone who will take a stand on me and be honest enough about himself. Lord this is my hearts desire but in your will I always trust. I pray that my long wait for him will soon be over because I trust you that will give him to me now.

  5. My husband is unemployed for a very long time. He has been losing hopes day by day. There is no peace in the house. Nothing seems to be going right for a long time.
    Please pray for us. I pray to Jesus and all the saints, but my prayer s are not being answered. Please pray for me so that my husband and I have strength to endure this phase of our life. I have a son who is small.

  6. Dear Lord,

    I love you lord jesus with all my heart.. You know me better than i know myself.. Lord you know what my heart’s desire is.. u know what is needed in my life….. Lord I surrender all my sadness and rejection that i have faced and facing and yet to face.. convert all my sadness and rejection into happiness lord..
    Lord, I know one thing for sure, i.e you will not leave me at any time.. Lord I’m in a relationship.. I don’t know what is ur will.. Lord i surrender our relationship.. Lord if it is your will, “bless our relationship”, free us from all misunderstanding, help us to love each other truly and lead a good life . I ask this in the name of the lord, Amen.

  7. Dear Celine,
    I too am going through a similar phase at my home, except that my husband has a job but I dont and so he curses me for his miseries. But I know that if I pray for people who have similar problem as mine and bless them by bringing them to the immaculate heart of Mary God will bring Peace. Try to keep a time for the Holy rosary.Y our Mother will come from heaven and wipe away ur tears, but pray with true repentance and forgiveness from your heart then God will hear ur prayers. God bless u and ur family. Ur Sister in Christ.

  8. My name is Clyde & 31 yrs of age. I have been under a lot of stress, nervous & don’t know what to do? Since I graduated form College, I have taken up jobs, but not to my liking. There was no job satisfaction till today & my earnings have not been great. T have this Inner fear in me from childhood which I cannot surpass & holding me back to move on in life. (for Eg. Recently I had joined on board the Ship, but due to fear of the job, work pressure & Seniors I quit my job within 15 days. This has been my pattern in life.) Since then I have applied in many Shipping Co’s, but have not received any reply. My Parents are worried & tensed regarding my future. Please intercede for my Family & me & for a good direction in life.

  9. Dear Jesus,

    My husband has uveitis in his eyes and and it started 1.5 months back.
    He is always so sad now and I am trying my level best to give confidence to him saying everything will be ok. Please Jesus, help him to overcome this difficulty and that he gets cured from all diseases.

  10. Lord, I come before thee with a lot of thanksgiving in my heart for all the blessings, graces and favours that you always bestow upon me. Jesus, your holy word says that whatever we shall seek from God the Father, through you the Son, in Faith, shall be granted. Lord Jesus, I am praying for a life partner. I am 37 years with no-one in my life and have become the laughing stock by friends and family alike. You know my heart and you say that our names are written on the palm of your hands with the colour of your most precious blood. Lord Jesus, I beg you, to have mercy on me and bless me with a good God-fearing husband this year and a happy, healthy christian family too. Jesus, please call out my name and save me. I am waiting for your miracle because you are a God who fulfills promises according to the desires of our hearts. Mother Mary, I pray that you intercede for me to your beloved Son. Holy Mary of Perpetual Succor, pray for us . . .

  11. I believe that nothing is impossible with God and am SURE he WILL ANSWER ALL prayers according to His love for each of us.

  12. Please pray for me to find my life partner. I’m all alone in my life & I’m yearning for that special woman to enter into my life. I’m praying to God to guide me in the path which will lead me to my life partner & I am in need of your prayers too. Please pray for me. My name is Felix Gomes.

  13. I pray to you dear Mary, Mother of Jesus to intercede to Your Son and ask that my partner forgives me and give me another chance. I pray this so that I may undo the hurt and make amends.

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