Prayer of Husband and Wife

This is a daily prayer is for all married couples. Husband and wife may hold each other’s hands while reciting this prayer.

O God, we want to live our life together with you and always to continue it with you. Help us never to hurt and never to grieve each other. Help us to share all our works, all our hopes, all our dreams, all our successes, all our failures, all our joys and all our sorrows. Help us to have no secrets from each other so that we may be truly one. Keep us always true to each other, and grant that all the years ahead may draw us ever closer to each other. Grant that nothing may ever come between us and nothing may ever make us ever drift apart. And as we live with each other, help us to live with you, so that our love may grow perfect in your love, for you are the God whose name is love. This we ask for your love’s sake. Amen

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12 thoughts on “Prayer of Husband and Wife

  1. Im looking for prayers that my beautiful wife and i can share. We have hurt eachother and we need the help of the lord almighty. We need help with forgiveness and trust. Thank u.

  2. This prayer is a must in my everyday reminds us to be one always n seek grace of the almighty..i recommend all the couples to recite this prayer by holding their hands b4 going to bed..

  3. Please pray for me and my husband, we are now in midst of trials, and obstacles. Pray for my husband to be faithful to me and show his love, trust and honesty with me, make him more responsible husband and father of our kid.

    Also pray for me, i love my husband, but there comes a time i am confused for his love, please help me to overcome my emotional stress…

    Thanks and more power, thanks and more power, God bless…

  4. Please pray for my husband that he will love me as his wife, that there will be no secrets between us, that he will be faithful to our marriage vows, that there will be no lies, deception, and that he will serve the Lord with his whole heart and mind.

  5. May I suggest Retrouvaille, a weekend for troubled marriages. I went this past weekend and it’s done wonders, we’re not done yet, but hope and faith is bringing us back together. There are many marriages that start distancing but a weekend is a beginning of new life as a truely married couple. Go to their website and hear the call. God is listening and gives us signs we need to open our eyes and notice the signs, many times they’re not how we want to see them, but how God wants to talk to us.

  6. Me and my husband are far from each other and I feel lonely and worried as we don’t have a baby yet. pls pray for us to be together this January and to form and build our dream family.

  7. Please pray for my husband to go back to being a faithful loving husband. He has cheated on me physically and emotionally. I pray that he is no longer giving in to this temptation. I am having a very hard time healing from this betrayal and pray for a forgiving, healed heart.

  8. Andrea I will be praying for you and your husband. I am going through the something and around the same time frame too. God be with you. Take care

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