Prayer of Parents for thier Children

Here is a beautiful Prayer of Parents for their children. We all love our kids so much that we would be ready to die for them. But how many of us pray for our children to our Heavenly Father? We need to pray to our Lord, our God for his mercy and protection. We need to intercede to Mother Mary so that our children do not fall into sin. The world would be a better place if all parents say this prayer for their children. Most importantly, we need to pray to our Father for his mercy, so that the punishment for our wickedness and sins are not cast on our dear children. In this fast moving world where people don’t have time for prayer,I really pray and hope that all parents pray ardently for their sons and daughters.

O Lord God, who have called us to the state of Holy Matrimony and made our love fruitful, we ardently recommend to your holy protection of our dear children.

Preserve them; make them grow as Jesus did, in grace before God and people. Implant in their hearts so great a love for you that they would prefer death to grievous sin. Teach them to put all their trust in you and to walk warily amidst the temptations of youth. Give them a filial devotion to your Holy Mother, that she may keep them free from sin.

We consecrate to you, O Lord, the children you have given us. If it pleases  to call them to follow you more closely, give us enough faith to make the sacrifice of them with our whole hearts. Grant that our sins may not be visited upon them. Look upon our prayers and sacrifices on their behalf, and bless them all their days, so that together with them we may be gathered round your throne in heaven for all eternity. Amen

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6 thoughts on “Prayer of Parents for thier Children

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, Mother Mary , All the angels & saints in heaven,

    Please help the small child – the rape survivor to come out without any pain, please help her to heal fast and be normal again like before. Please help her to be healthy hereafter. Thank You Jesus, Praise You dear Jesus. your devotee, a

  2. Dear Lord Jesus, St.Jude, Infant Jesus, San Jezu, St.Anthony, Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, All the Angels & Saints in Heaven & The Holy Spirit,

    Lord, please bless my kids with good jobs so they get settled well in life. Please help them get good jobs now as they are trying jobs abroad. Please guide them and support them in all decisions that they make. They need your guidance and support. Please help them O Lord in their daily lives, in their daily routine to go as per your wishes. Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, glorify You Jesus. Amen.

  3. Dear Lord Jesus & Mother Mary,

    Thank You Jesus, thank You Mother Mary for blessing me with a new lease of life, for saving me from the claws of death this morning. I am very grateful to You O Lord and Mother Mary. ThankYou Jesus, Thank You Mother Mary. your devotee, a

  4. Dear Lord Jesus, St.Jude, Infant Jesus, San Jezu, St. Anthony, Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, All the Angels & Saints in heaven & The Holy Spirit,

    Thank You Jesus for coming to my rescue at the time of my accident. I know at the time, without your blessing i would be under the wheels of the bus. It was such a narrow escape. Thank You Lord, Praise You Lord. your devotee, a

  5. Dear Lord Jesus and Mother Mary,

    Please heal me, O Lord, please bless me with good health, please heal my eyes and also my knees and my injured hand and neck. Thank You so much dear Jesus and Mother Mary. Amen.

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