Prayer of Pregnant Women

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Here is a daily prayer for pregnant women. It is good to pray intensely to the Lord while you are carrying your baby in your womb. The Lord will bless the child to be born and will work miracles in the child’s life.

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, you have been pleased to enable my husband and me to collaborate with you in conceiving a child. Thank you for your gracious gift. Help me to guard this new life carefully and do nothing to hurt it in any way.

After my child’s birth, let me lavish him/her with love and bring him/her up in your love and service, so that he/she will become a child of yours and inherit your kingdom.

Be with me, O Lord, in this greatest of tasks to comfort, strengthen, calm and enlighten me. Amen

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83 Responses to Prayer of Pregnant Women

  1. Mary says:

    I gave birth to my daughter 16 months ago at the age of 45 and I am so greatful! God has truly blessed me and my husband. I am now 46 years old and I am blessed to be pregnant once again. Please God keep this baby happy and healthy and safe. Please take care of my unborn child and everyone else that has a heart heavy with worry.

  2. mandy says:

    Hi everyone, I know that God in his infinite mercy would answer all our prayers. I am 27 weeks pregnant with my first child after over 2 years of waiting. Really scared and pray for a safe delivery.

  3. lucy says:

    Please pray for my sister in law who recently found out she is 5 wks pregnant. She is 39 and has had several miscarriages. We pray that she is able to get thru the entire pregnancy successful and soon have a little blessing in her life.

  4. kez paras says:

    My Lord, please bless my pregnant daughter kirstine. I hope that she will be okay, that she will have a healthy and safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. Mother Mary bless my daughter kirstine and all the pregnant women. In Jesus name i pray. Amen.

  5. SENGE says:

    Please pray for one of my patients Cassandra who has been trying to get pregnant for years and just found out that she is pregnant with twins. Praise the Lord. please keep she and her husband in your prayers. I will pray for everyone here and i wish all the women a safe and wonderful pregnancy and delivery.

  6. fatima says:

    Please pray for me and my daughter. my due date is getting close. pray for me for safe delivery with my baby.

  7. Unni Mah says:

    Please help me pray. I am 10 wks pregnant tommorrow and discovered on Friday that though my baby is healthy with a heartbeat, I have fibroids. Please pray that my baby will be healthy throughout and a safe delivery with № problems from the fibroids. I also pray that the fibroids will not grow any larger but should shrink away. Thank God for His mercy upon our lives. Amen.

  8. Zee says:

    Dear Lord,
    I thank you for this blessing of conception. I know that I am not married and i repent for conceiving a child out of wedlock. Lord please forgive me. But Lord, I humbly come to you to ease my heart and mind of any fear. To strengthen my Faith in you Lord, during my pregnancy. Lord I pray for your protection over my baby and that you will be with us every step of the way. I pray for a healthy baby and pray that I raise my child up to be a God-fearing child. I pray this for me and for all mothers to be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  9. micalo says:

    Hallo my name is Michelle. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 4 months but no success….I pray through Jesus Christ that I will be able to conceive soon and have a complete Family. I am utterly depressed and seem to wonder why God will not help me. But I still trust and believe through Jesus Christ that I will be Blessed soon. Amen!!

  10. Lupe Flores says:

    I’m requesting prayers for me and my unborn child. I just want my baby to be healthy and myself as well. I am not sick but sometimes feel very tired and have a hard time with eating well. I ask the lord for all to go well for us. I’ve already been blessed with 3 healthy kids & I thank him for that.

  11. marilou jacinto says:

    pls pray for my first pregnancy to be safe…feeling uncomfortable and uneasy for my situation but i know God is great all the time. He will give me his healing hand to keep my baby safe and healthy till my delivery.
    I’m very thankful to you oh Lord for a wonderful blessing…just keeping in my prayers that all pregnant women will be blessed and safe all the time….thank u my Dear Lord.

  12. NCJ says:

    I pray for all pregnant women for a safe, healthy & happy pregnancy according to God’s will.
    I ask for prayers for my own pregnancy – I am almost 9 weeks and a week ago, I went in for an u/s and was told I am only measuring 5w3d – blood tests, came back low – all signs are not looking good. I have had very slight spotting on & off for a week as well. This is my first pregnancy. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up ultrasound to see if things are progressing and to learn if my pregancy will continue. I believe in miracles & I place all of my trust & faith in God – that he will guide us to where we need to be. Thank you so much for your prayers & thoughts!

  13. Bk says:

    I pray for all pregnant women, that the Lord may fill their hearts with love and bless them with faith so that they may see God’s will in their lives. May they be strong and think positively through out their pregnancies. In JESUS’ name, Amen.

  14. Gladys says:

    I am pregnant in first trimester and I pray that God protects me all through my pregnancy coz I know he is faithful to give us what we ask for. Also I pray for all those who are longing for the same gifts in their life. Amen.

  15. Samantha M says:

    I just recently found out I’m pregnant , 6 1/2 weeks . I’m due September 17th & I wouldn’t be able to actually see a doctor until after my first apt in February . I pray everything will go okay through out my first pregnancy and hopefully I can be in someone’s prayers along with my blessing . I hope that it will be a full term , healthy pregnancy . Any prayer , is helpful and will mean a lot to me .

    Also my prayers are out there for anyone TTC and also the ones that are having a complicated pregnancy . I hope everything turns out for the better , and I hope you are blessed and remember God is always with you <3

  16. Brethren am 19 weeks pregnant and am so happy. I want to pray for me through out my pregnancy that i’ll be stress free and I do have sleepless night that I will over come it and i’ll deliver safely and have a healthy baby, and the baby will bring Joy to my life. pray for me to be strong till the day of delivery in Jesus name. Amen

  17. Debbie M. Derrick says:

    Please say a prayer for me as I just did a home pregnancy test and I’m pregnant; I would love to be a loving mother and pray this pregnancy goes very well, I ask this in Jesus name. Amen. Thanks.

  18. Cindy says:

    Please I ask for your prayers for me. I am 14 weeks pregnant and i have high blood pressure and i am very frightened I have preclampsia. Please Lord, fill my heart with peace and serenity. I ask for all your prayers that I have a healthy baby with no complications. Amen

  19. Meagan says:

    I am 5 weeks pregnant and have had 3 miscarriages and would love for you all to pray for me and my husband that our child be born happy and healthy

  20. Irene Ntirakwa says:

    Hi, I need your prayers and I will be praying for all of u too. I am pregnant with my third child and for some strange reason am so scared. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow.

  21. Sandrine says:

    Pls pray for me I am 23 weeks pregnant. I am afraid of placenta problems like in my previous deliveries. I am due inAugust 2013. Pls pray for a safe delivery.

  22. Kali says:

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Kali I am 16 weeks pregnant and just found out I am having a beautiful baby girl. Please pray for me and my daughter. I am very stressed trying to provide alone for me & now my daughter. Still in school but need to finish before my daughter is born. I need to start believing in myself and stop giving up. Please pray for me it would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Amanda says:

    To those reading, I am currently pregnant with my second child and have had an ultrasound that shows signs of Down syndrome. I will graciously mother this child no matter what God presents her with. However, I pray that she is born a healthy child without any birth defects. Please help me pray that any symptoms of Down syndrome dissolve and that she is born as healthy and happy as her two year old brother.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  24. Diana says:

    Please say a prayer for my daughter who is with her first baby after many miscarriages. She is 23 weeks and has been having contractions, she has a follw up appt today and I pray that everything goes well. I pray for all women for a healthy pregnancy and delivery and a healthy baby.

  25. D says:

    Please Lord help me and my wife have our first child. We have been trying to have a child for over 3 years with no luck. Please fill our lives with a healthy child and a healthy pregnancy with no complications. Amen.

  26. Maria says:

    I ask for a prayer for my daughter who is pregnant with twins. I thank almighty God for this gift. I ask prayer for her miracle and blessed delivery, in Jesus name.

  27. T says:

    Please pray for my unborn child. I am 9 weeks and it is measuring small with an abnormally shaped sac, despite a healthy heartbeat. I appreciate any prayers!

  28. deborah says:

    Father God, you have blessed me with the fruit of the womb. May you be kind to me and the baby, that i will carry the baby through the nine months without any complications and have a safe delivery. In Jesus name have i prayed.

  29. Jasmin says:

    We have been blessed with twins. I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. We ask for prays for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of the little ones. We also ask for prayer so that our anxiety level may be minimized after experiencing a miscarriage/loss in December we are extremely anxious.
    Staten Island NY

  30. Jessica says:

    I’m pregnant and praying that this baby continues to grow healthy and strong and that I may give birth to and hold a healthy baby in my arms not just my heart. I’ve lost 3 babies, but now have 3 angels in heaven. I have one amazing 4 year old son, so I know the miracles god is capable of. I pray that this baby may be my second miracle.

  31. Roland says:

    Dear Lord!
    Please look after my wife and unborn child! It’s been a tough road to get here! Please lord let us have the ultimate gift!

  32. Carol says:

    Please pray that my group B strep goes away prior to birth of our third boy. The first two I was tested negative, so I know with prayer this can be done. The antibiotic can hurt me and the baby. Please God heal me of this Bacteria.

  33. Jerelle Dolor Baitlon says:

    Please pray for my little angel in my womb. May he/she be a 100% bouncing healthy and happy baby.

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