Prayer of Pregnant Women

Here is a daily prayer for pregnant women. It is good to pray intensely to the Lord while you are carrying your baby in your womb. The Lord will bless the child to be born and will work miracles in the child’s life.

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, you have been pleased to enable my husband and me to collaborate with you in conceiving a child. Thank you for your gracious gift. Help me to guard this new life carefully and do nothing to hurt it in any way.

After my child’s birth, let me lavish him/her with love and bring him/her up in your love and service, so that he/she will become a child of yours and inherit your kingdom.

Be with me, O Lord, in this greatest of tasks to comfort, strengthen, calm and enlighten me. Amen

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83 thoughts on “Prayer of Pregnant Women

  1. Dear Lord!
    Please look after my wife and unborn child! It’s been a tough road to get here! Please lord let us have the ultimate gift!

  2. Please pray that my group B strep goes away prior to birth of our third boy. The first two I was tested negative, so I know with prayer this can be done. The antibiotic can hurt me and the baby. Please God heal me of this Bacteria.

  3. Please pray for my little angel in my womb. May he/she be a 100% bouncing healthy and happy baby.

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