Prayer of the Unemployed

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, you wanted all who are weary to come to you for support. Lord, I am worn out by my inability to find wage-earning work. Day after day, my worry and fear grow as the rejections of my applications mount. I am able and willing to work but I cannot find a worthwhile job. Please help me to obtain one soon so that I can support myself and my family in a decent way.

However, if it is your will that I wait longer, enable me to worry less and to be able to take advantage of the time available to get closer to you. Let me realize that there are other ways to bring about your kingdom on earth besides salaried work. Help me to make use of them for the time being so that I may continue to grow as a person for your greater glory. Amen

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83 thoughts on “Prayer of the Unemployed

  1. Thank you God for the gift of my job. Please help my husband find his path to a job most fitting for him in order to assist me in providing for our family. Amen.

  2. Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me in my career; May the Lord bless the works of my hands, my finances and grant me job security to the glory of His amen.

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