Novena Prayer to St. Anthony

Saint Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese Catholic priest who had an astounding gift of preaching. He was proclaimed Doctor of the Church after his death. He is the patron saint of barren women, pregnant women, travelers, elderly people and so on. His powerful intercession is invoked for finding lost articles and by those in danger of shipwreck. Saint Anthony’s Feast is celebrated on the 13th of June. Here is a Novena to Saint Anthony which is to be recited for nine days from June 4th to June 12th.

O Gracious Saint Anthony, We praise you for your great virtues and remarkable humility. With the help of Jesus, nothing is impossible with you. So, we know that sickness and death, perils and snares, evils and dangers disappear through your intercession. You find what is lost; you comfort the afflicted; and you help the worst of sinners to repent. There is nothing impossible for you, O dear Saint Antony. O faithful friend of Baby Jesus, please be our support, our patron, and our eternal benefactor. Procure all our needs, both material and spiritual, from Heavenly Father through your kind and powerful intercession, and more especially, the one that we beg of you now …… (specify your intention here).

O most loving and gentle saint, we will always proclaim your blessings with a grateful heart. We commend our body and soul, our whole self and all that we have to your care. It is never heard that you have disowned anyone; so protect us from all dangers. Help us to face life and its problems with serenity and to live a virtuous life without any taint of sin.

May you, be our stronghold, in our moments of temptation. Give us a loving and generous heart. Finally, we pray to you to give us the readiness of heart to share all the good that we receive with our poor and needy brothers and sisters. Amen.

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6 thoughts on “Novena Prayer to St. Anthony

  1. I have recently started saying my rosary again and I say this prayer and 2 other prayers in tribute to St Anthony everyday. Especially since my marriage has been in such turmoil these last few months. These prayers help me get through my day.

  2. O glorious St. Antony, I ask for your dinine intercession to our Lord Jesus for my son who is facing difficulties in his studies. Please lead him in the right direction and show us a way. Thank you St Antony for all the blessings you have bestowed on our family.

  3. I have 2 requests – the first one is that if you can help my fiance get his license back without any restrictions with the time. It seems they are trying to put a 12 hour window on his driving ability and that not going to allow him to get to and from work. If that happens he will surely lose his job. Please let the DMV have mercy on him. Also please let his lawyer get moving on his case, it seems he keeps pushing him aside and not helping him. Second can you please help me find another job, I need to be able to get a new teaching job and away from where I’ve been the last 12 years. I’m no longer happy where I am and my headaches are getting worse by the day – please hear our prayers and HELP both of us so we can both be happy once more. AMEN!

  4. I need your help in praying to St. Anthony to help me get money to build a place in Ghana west Africa to help mental people on the streets, with medications, and Doctors. Amen.

  5. Dearest St. Anthony
    I come to you to beg and plead that the child I am carrying in my womb is born healthy. That I may have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and most importantly a healthy baby. Please dissolve any signs of Down syndrome that my baby is presenting and let her be born without any birth defects. To you I pray. Amen.

  6. Saint Anthony i like you to help my baby give me signs of movements i am five months pregnant and hardly get any moves i just hope that i have a healthy pregnancy please god i have two daughters. And a wonderful husband thanking our Lord for that.

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