St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer

The St. Andrew Christmas Novena, also known as Christmas Anticipation Novena is prayed 15 times a day for 25 days beginning on the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle (Nov 30th) until the Eve of Christmas (Dec 24th). It is piously believed that whoever recites this novena prayer 15 times a day for 25 days will obtain what is asked. The novena is not addressed to Saint Andrew but to God Himself, asking Him to grant our request in the honor of the birth of His Son at Christmas.

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold.
In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! to hear my prayers and grant my desires, through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother. Amen.

Imprimatur – Michael Augustine, Archbishop of New York – Feb 6, 1897.

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5 thoughts on “St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer

  1. The Above St Andrews Novena prayer is missing one word. It should read……..
    the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight

    The name of the blessed mother was omitted . This is the original prayer wording that bears the Imprimater of + Michael Augustine, Archbishop of New York/ Feb 6th, 1897

    Please correct and notify Spiriot Daily of the error.

  2. I have prayed the Christmas Novena since my marriage to my husband Jack 48 years ago. It was a favorite of his Mother and 2 aunts who learned it from their Mother who came from Germany. I was given a hand-written copy to begin with and have passed this on to many over the years especially our 6 children.

    Do you know the origin of the prayer being started on the Feast of St. Andrew? I recently saw a reference to St. Andrew, being a deciple of St. John the Baptist before being called by Jesus, was taught by him, St. John, about the birth of Jesus. Also do you know the meaning of praying the prayer 15 times? Praying this prayer becomes so very easy once memorizing it and it brings me to such a peaceful entrance into Christmas day. God bless you for passing it on. Mary Beth Bettag

  3. Mrs. Mary Beth Bettag, you say you have been praying this novena for 48 years. It would help most of us who are new to it to tell us it’s origin and the meaning of praying it 15 times a day instead of you asking us the questions.

  4. I just finish word this novena. It was beautiful. It will now become one of my favorite advent prayers. The prayer is as short and easy to memorize …I will teach this prayer to my grandchildren. Happy Birthday baby Jesus!

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