Prayer to Mother Mary for Peace of Mind

Kneeling at your feet, sweet Mother of God and Queen of Peace, I, your loving child, confidently turn to you in my need, seeking your intercession for peace of mind and comfort to my troubled heart. (Mention your petition here.)

O listen to me, dear heavenly mother. Come to my aid and refuse me not as I cry to you. For you are my mother, and you fail no one who has recourse to you, O Consoler of the afflicted, O Queen of Peace. Amen.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer to Mother Mary for Peace of Mind

  1. Dear Bothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

    The Committee of the Prefects Parents Body is scheduled to meet again on the 22nd of August which happens to be the feast of the Queen ship of Mother Mary. There was a social gathering last week where most of these members had gathered, and over drinking their main topic of conversation was to attack me, and to tear me to pieces for having stood up for the right. They are now on a campaign to ensure that they turn the whole group against me, and they are trying to brainwash the weak ones into believing all falsehoods, and to make it appear that they are right…I have no one except Almighty God and Mother Mary who gave me all the courage to stand for truth, justice, integrity and fair-play. Even the emails I sent clarifying everything are not even being opened by those that matter, on the instigation of the ring leaders.. I humbly ask you to pray that at the meeting on the22nd the Lord will send to my aid someone like the Prophet Daniel to second me… .and if not a member of the Committee then at least the Principal will be anointed and led by the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary to understand the truth of what I am saying, that at least Rev. Sr. Principal will support me for standing up to the Truth. If Sister Principal is convinced then it does not matter if the whole committee gang up, because, then they cannot go ahead and do wrong things,That God will give her a lot of courage to stand against these people, who are all out to bribe and corrupt, in an subtle way to achieve their ends.

    Please implore the Divine Intervention of God, that His mighty hand will silence all these wrong doers who seem to be instigated by the evil forces of darkness, that His power will shatter their ego and haughty attitudes, that every falsehood they have spoken tearing me to pieces for standing up for truth, will be destroyed by the Divine Truth, All the campaigns they are planning to hush me up with the truth will be crushed by the power of God, and that God will make them their plans to crumble in shame, and be humbled….That Mother Mary Queen of Heaven whose staunch and Ardent Defender I am will exercise Her total Authority in this situation, and defend me, in the same way that I have fearlessly defended Her Sacred Role in our Salvation when Her enemies attack her.Those are moments I know Jesus has seen the best of me when I have defended and stood up for His Holy Mother, no matter against whom or where….so I need Her now and I know She will not let me down…but I need your prayer support too, to strengthen me as I am human…like Jesus in Gethsemane I too feel weak at times when I think of all these opponents waiting to attack me… This is where I count on your kindness to pray for me….Let Truth and justice prevail…

    God Be with you all, and anoint your ministry more and more.


  2. I almost cried reading your prayer request. I felt like I was reading about me and work. Constantly being attacked, and hoping that God alone protects me against such evil people, putting my whole life, family and finances at stake. I pray for you that your faith alone carries your dilemma to Jesus and Mary. and with the power of the Holy spirit you will prevail. amen

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