Prayer to St. Dominic Savio

St. Dominic Savio was a student of Don Bosco. He died at the young age of 14. He was canonized as a Saint by Pope Pius XII on June 12, 1954. Dominic Savio is the youngest non-martyr to be canonized in the Roman Catholic Church. He is the Patron Saint of Choir Boys, Falsely Accused People, Juvenile Delinquents and so on. Here is a short prayer to St. Dominic Savio.

Great model for God-fearing boys and cherished pupil of the famous Don Bosco, you died prematurely, humanly speaking, but you had already attained mature spiritual wisdom. Your kindness won you many friends but your love above all sought the Master who is present in our tabernacles. His praises you eucharistically sang. May choir boys be singers like you for the love of Jesus, our loving Master. Amen.

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