Prayer to St. Gerard (Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers)

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Saint Gerard Majella is a Roman Catholic Saint whose intercession is requested for children, childbirth, expectant mothers, motherhood, falsely accused people and so on. All Pregnant ladies can seek the intercession of St. Gerard for a safe delivery.

Great Saint Gerard, patron and protector of expectant mothers, powerful intercessor before God and wonder worker of our day, I call upon you and seek your aid.

Help me always to do the will of God. Preserve me in the dangers of motherhood, and shield the child I now bear, that it may be brought safely to the light of the day and receive the sacrament of baptism. Amen

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41 Responses to Prayer to St. Gerard (Patron Saint of Expectant Mothers)

  1. Anthonia says:

    Am praying to God through the intercession of St Gerard and my patron St Anthony. to protect and keep me and my baby from any danger. May God be praised forever.

  2. Jade says:

    Thank you St Gerard! You heard my prayers and I am pregnant. Please fulfill all my prayers by granting me a safe and healthy pregnancy and a healthy son or daughter.

  3. CRU says:


  4. RachelD says:

    Please pray that my husband and I conceive and give birth to a health baby boy or girl. We’ve been trying for 7 years or longer. I recently tried IVF and got pregnant but there was no baby in the gestational sac at 7 weeks. This is a strong desire in my heart. The doctors say it is impossible to happen on our own. Fertility treatments are expensive and there’s no guarantee of a baby unless God permits. We need your prayers and blessings!

  5. annette says:

    I just want to ask if you all can pray for me and my pregnancy.. Drs have been unable to confirm my pregnancy and I am so worried and scared that I might miscarry.. I don’t want to lose my baby.. I’m so depressed and feel so helpless and all this waiting is making me so worried and stressed out.. pls pray that my baby is healthy and growing.. and that he has a heartbeat.. Pls..

  6. dani says:

    I have been pregnant and miscarried 3 times now.

    Please St. Gerard if it’s the Will of God, help my husband and I bring a healthy baby in to this world.

    We will be eternally grateful.

  7. Leonora says:

    Dear St Gerald, thank you for answering me that I am pregnant again. I had a miscarriage 6 months back and I am scared of losing my baby again. Help me that I will be strong and give birth to my baby safely. Thank you once again.

  8. Joann says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    After 2 months of novena, you heard our prayer. Continue to hear and pray for us to go through a healthy pregnancy. This we ask of you for the love you bear to Jesus and Mary. Amen.

  9. Sandra says:

    St. Gerard,
    Please hear my prayer to get pregnant with another baby. I ask for your help with this great blessing and will be eternally thankful. Amen

  10. teresa segura says:

    St gerard,
    I ask for your blessings for my child. We have been trying for so long and had miscarriages before. Please help us, they coudnt find a heartbeat last week and said maybe it wasnt growing. Please let us see a heart beat tomorrow and let us know our child will be ok. I ask with all my heart and soul, please help us in our time of need.
    Thank u, mrs and mr segura

  11. Mrs anyaene says:

    St. Gerard, I thank u for assisting my daughter during her delivery today.

  12. Mrs anyaene says:

    It was difficult one but immediately we started calling on u for assistance. The baby was delivered to the bewilderment of all the medical crew. We are eternally Grateful.

  13. Jacqueline says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    Please pray for me during this hopeful pregnancy. I wish most of all to finally hold one of my babies in my arms. I pray that my pregnancy progresses and that we are able to at last hear that precious beating heart of the life we have created in love. Please pray for me that this time will be our chance to have the healthy child we so long for. Thank you for answering the prayers of so many.

  14. Jessinta says:

    St Gerard, please look over me and pray for me as Dr has given me news that they cant find the child’s heartbeat. The Dr is saying that it can be early pregnancy or I may have miscarried. I have been stressed and putting a lot of pressure on myself and my partner.
    I just want the baby to have a heartbeat and for the baby to grow healthy without any problems. Please pray for the heartbeat and growth for our baby.Please HELP!!Amen.

  15. Lilian says:

    Thank you St Gerard for the blessing of a twin pregnancy. Now i pray for a successful, safe and full term pregnancy. Please continue to intercede for us. Amen

  16. Priscilla Rodriguez says:

    Please pray for me and my unborn child for a safe delivery, last pregnancy I had a still born. And I pray this one goes well.

  17. Maria says:

    I pray to you to please keep me from losing this pregnancy

  18. MiMi says:

    St Gerard and our Father in Heaven
    I pray for my daughter and the two babies she is carrying. I pray for their continued development and may she carry these babies to term or as close as healthy. I praise you and all the elect for this special blessing and favors granted. Amen

  19. Therese says:

    We have waited for this moment for such a long time and now I am praying to St. Gerard to please protect me and my baby during this pregnancy.

  20. Rocell says:

    Saint Gerard, please pray for me and my unborn baby girl child. That she would be physically and mentally healthy baby throughout my pregnancy until the day i deliver her. Protect her from any danger and defects. That my amniotic fluid will go down and be in a normal range. And when the day comes she may live a normal and happy life. Please pray for our safety! Thank you saint Gerard !In Jesus name, Amen!

  21. Rhea says:

    St. Gerard, I pray that my husband and I will be blessed with a healthy baby.I have a polycystic ovary syndrome, but I am still hoping that I may be able to conceive a child. We will be eternally grateful.

  22. Angeline says:

    I pray for your intercession to protect my baby girl in my womb to grow and be shielded to full term with no early bleeding due to the placental previa which I now have.

  23. Theresa Martinez says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    Please pray for my pregnancy. My last ultrasound scan was unable to confirm my pregnancy and I am so worried and scared that I might miscarry…Please pray that my baby is healthy and growing.. and that she or he has a heartbeat….In Jesus name. Amen.

  24. Akunna says:

    Dear St Gerard; I come to u with my little faith. Pls intercede on my behalf for God’s blessings in my family.
    May I testify about ur goodness upon us next year.
    Thank you my Patron Saint.

  25. Charmaine says:

    St. Gerard I ask that you hear our prayers and please bless us with another beautiful baby. We love you and believe in you so much. Please be with us always.

  26. Ivy says:

    Thank You St Gerard! You heard my prayers and I am now pregnant. I am so grateful. Please pray for me so that me and my baby is healthy and safe until full term.

  27. C.Ibarra says:

    St.Gerard i ask that you please hear my prayer and help me and my unborn child. I have to see a specialist and I am hoping for good news…

  28. Louise says:

    Dear St. Gerard, please grant me a safe delivery following 2 miscarriages and a full time baby girl who died after just 11 hours. please keep me in your prayers that I may be ok with this pregnancy and that I may get a healthy baby. amen

  29. dayan says:

    St. Gerard I pray to you to please help my daughter and her unborn child to have physically and mentally healthy baby and also safe delivery during her due time. St. Gerard please help them from danger. This I ask in Jesus name, Amen.

  30. Samantha M says:

    Dear St.Gerard ,

    I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first child , I will be having my first ultrasound on Saturday February , 2nd , 2013 . I’m praying to you and hoping that you can bless me and my child . I have been so nervous wondering if everything is okay and I’m praying that on Saturday the ultrasound comes out that my first blessing is healthy and with a visible heartbeat . I hope you can follow me through through my journey as a new mother , and bless me and my bundle of joy . I have never wanted something so bad in my life , and now that I have it ‘ I’m always worried hoping that all is well. I also beg you to bless each and every mother , mother to be , or future mothers trying to conceive. I appreciate you so much , I pray to you , and The Lord , along with our lady Mary and ST. Michael .

    Thank you .

  31. Jill says:

    I pray to you Saint Gerard that you will grant me with the blessed gift of pregnancy.

  32. perpetual says:


  33. susan says:

    Please pray for my husband and I. After having two miscarriages we are hoping and praying more than ever for another pregnancy – that is healthy, joyous, and results in the birth of a beautiful child. We yearn for the day that god will grant us a little life to call our own.
    Please pray we will be ever so grateful.

  34. Angie says:

    Please St Gerard, stop my bleeding and keep my baby alive. Protect my unborn child and keep him safe until he is full term.
    In God’s name,

  35. LEKHA says:

    Holy St.Gerard, Please help us to conceive a baby. As you know we have been trying for a long time. If it is God’s will, please grant us a baby to cherish & honor your love.

  36. shah says:

    Dear Saint Gerard, I believe that only God can put life in my womb, after losing my baby at 12 weeks, all we ever pray for is another chance to bear a child, and give birth to a healthy baby. Please intercede for me before God, please ask Him to bless me with another pregnancy. I will do
    my very best to be worthy of that bleasing. Please fulfill my heart’s desire. I will forever be grateful to you and to the Holy Trinity. Thank you St. Gerard!

  37. Amanda says:

    Dearest St. Gerard
    I come to you to beg and plead that the child I am carrying in my womb is born healthy. That I may have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and most importantly a healthy baby. Please dissolve any signs of Down syndrome that my baby is presenting and let her be born without any birth defects. To you I pray. Amen.

  38. Patrizia says:

    Dear St. Gerard,

    Thank you for answering our prayer!! I’m pregnant now, and I’m praying that this pregnancy & baby will grow healthy & beautiful.. May the lord protect us so that I may have a safe delivery after 9 months.

    i will forever be grateful St. Gerard. Thank you!!

  39. GiGi says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    Please intercede for me and help me to conceive a child.

  40. Catherine says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    I prayer to you to keep my baby healthy and safe inside and that I will be able to carry him till 37 weeks without my cervix opening. Please keep my baby, my cervix and me healthy and safe. Amen.

  41. Doris says:

    Dear St. Gerard,
    Please intercede for me and grant me a safe delivery of my second child due this week. I will forever be grateful. In God’s name. Amen.

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