Prayer to St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence of Rome was one of the seven deacons of ancient Rome, serving under Pope Sixtus II. He was born in 225 AD and was martyred in 258 AD during the persecution of Emperor Valerian. According to tradition, St. Lawrence was roasted on a gridiron with coals beneath it. After the martyr had suffered the pain for a long time, he made his famous cheerful remark, “Turn me over! I am done on this side”, and just before he died, he said, “It’s cooked enough now”. He is the Patron of chefs, comedians, librarians, miners and of Rome. His feast is celebrated on August 10th.

O glorious Saint Lawrence, Martyr and Deacon, who, being subjected to the most bitter torments, did not lose your faith nor your constancy in confessing Jesus Christ, obtain in like manner for us such an active and solid faith, that we shall never be ashamed to be true followers of Jesus Christ, and fervent Christians in word and in deed, even in spite of trials, persecutions, or the sword. Amen.


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