Prayer to St. Paul (Patron Saint of Gentile Christians)

Saint Paul (Paul the Apostle) is commonly known as the “Apostle to the Gentiles“. According to the Acts of the Apostles (9-:1-19), his conversion to faith in Jesus took place in a profound life-changing experience on the road to Damascus, where he experienced a vision of the resurrected Jesus after which he was temporarily blinded. Paul, whose Hebrew name was Saul confesses to having “violently persecuted” the “Church of God” prior to his conversion. St. Paul is the patron saint of Gentile Christians, Theologians, Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Missions. He is the patron saint of London.

O most glorious Saint Paul, from being a fierce persecutor of the Christians, you became an ardent apostle. In order to bring the knowledge of Jesus to the farthest bounds of the world, you suffered imprisonments, scourging, stoning, ship wrecks and persecutions of every kind and finally shed your blood upto the last drop.

Obtain for us the grace to receive from the hands of God as heavenly favors the trials and sufferings of this life, so that they may not make us cold in the service of God, but make us more and more faithful and fervent. Amen

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