Prayer to St. Sebastian (Patron Saint of Athletes and Archers)

St. Sebastian is often known as the saint who was martyred twice. He was ordered by the Roman Emperor to be shot by archers with arrows. Miraculously, the arrows did not kill him. The Emperor then had him beaten to death. He is Patron Saint of Athletes because of his physical endurance and his energetic way of spreading and defending the Faith. St. Sebastian is also patron to all soldiers. He was declared patron of plague sufferers of his reported cures of those afflicted with many diseases.

Dear Commander at the Roman Emperor’s Court, you chose to be also a soldier of Christ and dared to spread faith in the King of Kings – for which you were condemned to die. Your body, however, proved athletically strong and the executing arrows extremely weak. So another means to kill you was chosen and you gave your life to the Lord. May athletes be always as strong in their faith as their Paton Saint so clearly has been. Amen

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3 thoughts on “Prayer to St. Sebastian (Patron Saint of Athletes and Archers)

  1. Hail Mary Full Grace, The Lord Is With Thee, Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother Of God Pray For Us Sinners Now And At The Hour Of Our Death. Amen

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