The Merits of the Heart of St. Joseph

The Feast of St. Joseph is on March 19th. Let us pray to St. Joseph, the most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus. As we celebrate St. Joseph’s day, let us contemplate on the merits of the heart of St. Joseph.

The Heart of St. Joseph was:

A Loyal Heart

It endured with strength the anguish of being let down by seeing the apparent infidelity of Mary, his spouse and chose a course of action that was most honourable to her.

A Responsible Heart

It dutifully bore the heavy responsibility of protecting against Herod’s anger, the mother and the child entrusted to his fostering care.

A Dedicated Heart

It undertook with daily renewed consistency the jobs and chores that the daily needs of his family demanded.

A Humble Heart

It exercised leadership and command in a family whose members were better and higher in endowment than he.

A Human Heart

It did not seek exemption from the inconvenience and hardships, agony and sudden difficulties that human life is subject to, but faced them with trust and courage as every human being must face.

Mention your Petition and pray to St. Joseph.

O dear St. Joseph, I am faced with responsibilities and challenges just as you were. Obtain for me a heart like yours, courageous and trusting; a heart that believes it can successfully carry out the tasks entrusted to it. Let me face the difficulties that confront me with confidence and courage like you did. Amen.

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