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This website has an online collection of Catholic Prayers, Bible verses, Inspirational Stories and Devotional Videos. You can learn to pray the Rosary in English & Malayalam.

May the Lord Almighty bless all of us!!!

Prayer Requests

If you need somebody to pray for you, I will be more than ready to pray to our Lord Jesus Christ. Please submit your prayer requests to or leave a comment anywhere on this site with your prayer request.

You can view all Prayer Requests here. Please pray for our brothers & sisters who are in need of our prayers.

Please leave your valuable Feedback and Suggestions so as to improve this website…

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42 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, Infant Jesus, San Jezu, St.Jude, St.Anthony, Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mt.Carmel, All the Angels & Saints in heaven & The Holy Spirit,

    Dear God, please help me get my courier fast to avoid further complications.
    O God, please bless my children and guide them on the right path for them to get good jobs, especially the ones they are trying for, now. Please God, also help me in daily work at the office, support me in my times of difficulty. Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, glorify You Jesus. Amen. your devotee, a

  2. Please pray for me and my wife for a reunion. We are separated since 2008. My kids (daughter and son) are with her.

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